“Semua Yang Berlaku Ada Hikmahnya” – Nur Fazura

Aktres jelita Nur Fazura berkongsi beberapa tips untuk menyayangi diri sendiri.

Perkongsian itu dibuat menerusi sebuah entri di akaun Instagram (IG) miliknya buat tatapan umum.

Menurut Fazura, seseorang individu harus akur dengan perancangan Tuhan dan sentiasa berusaha keras untuk mendapatkan apa yang dimahukan.

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If you had a twin I would still choose you. . KL Fashion Week 2019 Media Launch. ? Swipe for more pics.

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“Tips untuk menyayangi diri sendiri, tindakan harus diambil segera!

“Percaya dengan perancangan Tuhan, semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya! Kita harus sentiasa berdoa, berusaha keras dan bersabar, keajaiban akan muncul nanti.

“Duduk, bernafas dan ambil masa untuk tulis apa yang membanggakan tentang diri anda, ingat betapa baik, penyayang dan kuatnya anda”, tulis Fazura sebagai kapsyen.  

Menjengah ruangan komen, rata-rata pengikut Fazura meninggalkan respon positif dan bersetuju dengan pendapatnya itu.

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Tips on LOVING YOURSELF. Actions to be taken immediately! ??. . 1. Believe in God’s plans. Everything happens for a reason! All you need to do is keep praying, work hard, stay patient and wait for the magic to unfold for you at HIS timing! It takes a lot of faith so always just listen to YOUR instincts. Your heart knows what to do. 2. Sit, breathe and take time to write down everything amazing you know about yourself. Remember how kind, compassionate, giving, loving, vulnerable and strong you are at the same time. Find your flaws, if you have a lot of hate for others, it only means you have a lot of hate for yourself.. replace it with love immediately. 3. Smile and remember your worth. You will never feel like a victim again. Because you never were in the first place. Chin up! 4. Take no BS. If you feel like saying no out of self-love, respect and for following your intuition. Go ahead and say no. 5. Eat alone, watch a movie alone, laugh out loud! Because who cares? You love you! And you deserve to be happy being with just you! You don’t need companion or relationships to be happy. Never underestimate how powerful this is going to make you feel. 6. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Even when they don’t seek for your forgiveness. Only then, can you feel absolutely liberated and happy again! Bid goodbye! Send them light and love. 7. Never compare yourself to another person. You are your own magic! Find your inner-awesomeness, crown on and slay anything you put your mind to. Nobody can take this away from you.

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Sebelum ini, Fazura juga telah berkongsi beberapa tips untuk membuat diri sendiri berasa gembira menerusi perkongsian di IG.

Sedikit info mengenai Fazura, selebriti kelahiran Pekan, Pahang ini mulai aktif di industri hiburan tanah air pada sekitar tahun 2002 dan berjaya membina popularitinya sehingga kini.

Fazura mendirikan rumah tangga dengan suaminya, aktor Fattah Amin pada tahun 2017.

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Me and Vee often talks about how everything happens for a reason and it’s crazy amazing how things fall into places in the most unexpected ways. God is truly the greatest – most loving of all and I couldn’t be more ecstatic in my life than being in this moment right here, right now. I understand more than ever now that in order for me to grow into my better self, I must let go of my fear and doubts – that God has to remove negative, two-faced and insincere people that doesn’t vibe with my self-growth, my happiness and joy in achieving my dreams and living MY best life. We can be so blind with people and situations but know that God will always guide us along the way as long as we seek for HIS forgiveness, guidance and continue to have only good intentions in our hearts in everything we do. InsyaAllah. Here’s to everyone who is still living in confusion as to why certain things are thrown our way, the unnecessary drama, struggles to keep going and to believe in ourselves. I hope you’ll find the courage to let go of everything and anyone that’s weighing you down and holding you back from the happiness, success and the amazing life you deserve. You do YOU! Hope and Faith! I love you! ??? #loveyourself #trustyourinstincts #letgo #liveyourbestlife #happiness #love #joy #keepyourcirclepositive #authenticity #peace

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